Professional development that makes a difference.


We strive to deliver workshops and courses that are:

  • High quality, relevant and focused on sharing key knowledge, approaches, tools and

  • resources to support and improve teaching and learning opportunities

  • ‘Hands on’ and enable practitioners to take their new learning back to their work context.

  • Facilitated by leading consultants in their field, including international and New Zealand based expertise.

  • Dynamic, inspiring, fun and totally engaging.

  • Excellently catered for with fabulous food for every dietary need!

We also believe in optimising new learning opportunities from our courses and workshops by
offering follow-up consultancy days with the workshop facilitator for schools and establishments.
This has proved hugely successful and has enabled many practitioners and schools the chance to clarify and embed their new learning with the students they work with.


What else do we offer?

School consultancy days

Access to a growing bank of resources created for students with Complex Learning Needs

Links to ideas and free resources

Our Target Audience:

Early Childhood Education, Special Schools, Mainstream Schools with specialist provision, Adult services/providers for adults with a learning disability, Adult special education colleges, Transition services, specialists and therapists, parents and families.


About Julie King


Julie King has been working in the special education sector for 34 years, 21 years in the UK and 13 in New Zealand. She has worked as a special education teacher, Deputy Principal, ICT and Arts specialist and National Coordinator of Click SpecialED NZ . She has also facilitated numerous workshops in the New Zealand and internationally. She has co-written many resources, including sensory stories for students with complex learning disabilities. She is currently an independent special education consultant, supporting special schools on curriculum and teaching and learning projects, along with developing a high quality, focused professional development programme for special education sector here in New Zealand.

Julie King is passionate about what she does and always strives for excellence, fun and new learning that delegates and can take to their classroom and use straight away!


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