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Speech and Language Therapist, UK



About Gina Davies

Gina has worked in the field of Special Educational Needs as a speech and language therapist for over 20 years in both clinic and education and family settings. Gina created the Attention Autism Programme which is now being used widely in the UK in clinic and educational settings. The programme is in use in over 150 Special Schools and is established in over 250 mainstream pre-school settings and specialist early intervention centres.  Gina facilitated four Attention Autism course in New Zealand last year with huge success and the programme is now being used in many special schools, learning support centres and therapy settings.  Gina is passionate and delivers joyful and motivating speech and language therapy that has at its heart a real understanding of communication, the impact of autism on learning and the need to involve the children in dynamic and engaging activities.

Her mantra is, ‘’Do you provide your students with an irresistible invitation to learn?"