What others have said about Hilary Wainer and the Tacpac workshops:

"I managed to attend a course last May in Glasgow. It was excellent!”
Stammore House School, Lanark

“Hilary, You have given much joy to many with your creation of Tacpac. You really have made a difference to the lives of many children and their families.”
Sue Murray, BLENNZ, New Zealand

“I have been working with children with special needs for the past seven years. I have been amazed at the transformation in children that have been exposed to Tacpac."
Teacher in Perth, Australia

"Our students respond very well to Tacpac. We use it with a range of students, mostly the very disabled and/or visually impaired. We also find it very useful for children who are sensory seeking or those who find it very hard to settle to one thing. We often find Tacpac will be the first activity they will stay in one place for. Our classrooms can become very busy, and this can be our quiet relaxing time. It helps children calm and relax.”
Teacher, School for children with complex needs.

“I feel much more confident in understanding, and how to use Tacpac effectively to ensure the child benefits from this.”
Speech and language therapist, attached to secondary school.

“I can very proudly say I do use Tacpac for my students. Following myself and another member of staff undertaking the training we were fully inspired to place Tacpac on our timetable and we are currently facilitating two Tacpac sessions a week.”
Teacher, Adult Education, Adults with learning difficulties.

“It has given me a new perspective which was brought to life by Susie’s anecdotes and translated into everyday activities. Today’s training has answered many questions about sensory problems and Tacpac in general. ”
Learning Disability Nurse.