Maitai  School Consultancy Day: Focus on Quest for Learning Assessment Materials

Maitai  School Consultancy Day: Focus on Quest for Learning Assessment Materials

Julie King offers a range of consultancy services including:         

  • Workshops

  • Presentations

  • Whole school consultancies

  • Individual Consultancies.

Julie King’s areas of interest include:

  • A sensory approach to learning

  • Sensory Stories

  • Drama as a tool to lesson delivery

  • Curriculum: planning, student centred learning

  • Classroom environments for diverse learners

  • Interactive whiteboards and Touch Panels for teaching and learning



What others had said about Julie King’s consultancy  work:

"Julie’s presentation style is fantastic.  She manages to make a day long lecture fun, engaging, practical and ensures people have the skills to implement new learning straight away!"
– Max, Speech and Language Therapist,  Maitai School, Nelson


"Just keep on doing what she is doing!An informative, entertaining and very relevant course.  Well done!!"
– Teacher Aide, Maitai School, Nelson


"A workshop with Julie King is guaranteed to be fun-filled, informed, and aspirational towards high quality teaching and learning programmes for students with special needs. Julie always works hard to gain insight into the individual culture and strengths of a school and works to build on these. Julie’s input has completely changed the way we teach and learn at our school.  We now centre the KCP in our curriculum and are working to embed Quest for Learning as an additional tool to support teaching for our early learners. Julie’s approach to a sensory based curriculum has brought another new wave of change for us, particularly supporting us to think about ways of engaging our learners from a sensory perspective. Julie totally understands our teaching needs and this, alongside her vast experience with students with high and complex needs, makes her a fabulous PLD gem."
– Ellie Sachin-Watts, Assistant Principal,  Maitai School, Nelson

"I just wanted you to know I have found you to be the most inspiring presenter I have seen literally in years"
– Rose Cameron, Canberra College, Australia


"Amazing presentation, thanks.  Your energy is contagious. It was wonderful and easy listening to"
– Kimi Ora School, Wellington


"Julie King has supported us here at Mt Richmond throughout this year. We have utilised Julie’s vast experience and knowledge of SEN to model, coach and mentor our staff. This support has focused on developing the use of relevant digital technologies to aid teaching & learning. In addition, Julie has also worked on helping us to develop a sensory focused curriculum for our complex needs students. This support has effectively built confidence within our teachers and is impacting on student engagement and progression. Julie has a highly professional and friendly approach. This has been demonstrated through whole school workshops and training but also through important in-class coaching and modelling."
– Pauline Long, Acting Principal, MT Richmond Special School, Auckland


Julie has worked with Kowhai Special School delivering and facilitating staff professional development and learning over the last 10 years. Working with Julie is always fun and definitely engaging - never a dull moment! This should not deter from the fact that Julie is one of the most prepared and knowledgeable consultants I have worked with. Julie values and encourages deep thinking from us so new initiatives and planning are built on what is unique to our school. She consistently leaves us with practical ideas and a clear vision of where to next. Time with Julie is a real treat - I can’t recommend Julie highly enough.
- Sarah Roil, Kowhai Special School, Hastings


Julie King’s professional development has been of value to Sir Keith Park School, due to the relevant, evidenced based information and practical style of delivery. The professional learning offered is current and relevant to our student population.  Theory has been cascaded to classroom practice through collaborative support from Julie and the leadership team, to which everyone has responded positively. Enhanced teacher practice, and increased student engagement and learning are the outcomes. 
- Kathy Davidson, Principal, Sir Keith Park School, Auckland


"Julie King facilitated professional development for our team working with students who have complex learning and sensory needs. We wanted to refocus our planning to develop a student-centred and sensory approach to teaching and learning to better meet the needs of our PMLD students. Julie worked alongside our teachers for a year, leading us through  a comprehensive professional learning  programme, improving our pedagogical knowledge and insight  into our students educational needs.  She balanced this with providing creative teaching programmes and resources that  our teachers could implement  immediately to impact our students learning and engagement. Our planning and curriculum implementation has been completely transformed since working with Julie.

Julie King’s approach to guiding our staff through this professional  journey was extremely motivating and staff  willingly attended professional development session outside teaching hours."
– Donna Ryan, Dean – Senior Manager, Sommerville Special school, Auckland