Attention Autism Curriculum

Attention Autism Curriculum



Using the Attention Autism Programme as a vehicle for curriculum delivery and developing individual practice.

When: 13 February 2018

Where: BLENNZ Homai, 2 McVilly Road, Manurewa Auckland

Time: 9.00 - 3.30

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About the workshop:

A one-day workshop for people who have attended Days 1 and 2 Attention Autism training and are using the programme hands-on with children. This workshop will explore ways of using the Attention Autism Programme as a vehicle for curriculum delivery and developing individual practice.

We will explore the ways in which we can develop the children’s competencies and learning achievements in line with the New Zealand curriculum in Attention Autism sessions. We will look at learning levels and how these can be delivered in Attention Autism sessions to nurture intellectual curiosity and provide a context for introducing, developing and extending skills.

This day is designed to challenge your thinking and practical expertise. We will be looking at the use of humour to proactively manage stress and anxiety, ways in which the philosophy of,’try again’ can be used to build confident and resilient learning in a meaningful context and strategies for using everyone’s skills to create powerful learning opportunities and memorable sessions.

The day includes a range of engaging activities and the opportunity for each participant to develop expertise in hands-on practical sessions.

Course Content

  • Ideas for making assessment and ongoing evaluation practical;
  • Data collection to provide evidence for the intervention and informing practice;
  • Building understanding of the vocabulary and concepts needed for learning areas and levels;
  • Nurturing expression of the language of comment and observation;
  • Introducing direct links between learning levels supporting activities and games
  • Using the Attention Autism 4 stages;
  • Spotting the learning achievements and levels in great activities;
  • Strategies for keeping the team on board and using everyone’s talents;
  • Demonstration of the techniques in action;
  • Using film footage, examples of strategies and content in action with children;
  • Practical hands-on- experience and coaching with activities;
  • Strategies for differentiating group sessions
  • Problem solving, idea sharing and current research.

Target Audience

Practitioners who have completed the two-day Attention Autism course and have Attention Autism up and running.

2 McVilly Road, Manurewa Auckland
13 February 2018