Count Me In Maths Workshop


Target Audience

Practitioners working with students who have learning support needs: Teachers, SENCOs, teacher aides, therapists, RTLBs and specialist teachers.

About the workshop:

Where does counting begin – surprisingly long before children understand numbers.  As well as that, many students seem to count using number names – but don’t understand about quantities. Early number is the fascinating world of paradoxes and there are many fundamental influences to learning that the conventional curriculum doesn’t include.  Les Staves new book Very Special Maths delves into the processes of learning to count at levels not previously encountered in an accessible book aimed at teachers.

This workshop will take you through background about how the brain the body and social culture work together to develop the skills of counting and estimations. These skills are essential for our students because they are useful in practical life and underpin social as well as ‘mathematical’ development.

The course will help you see the detail of the difficulties your students face, and so help you find appropriate ways of teaching them.  It will illustrate aspects and skills of learning to count that the conventional curriculum takes for granted. It will also provide you with ideas about teaching and resources.

Learning Objectives

Develop a greater understanding of:

  • the mental and physical processes involved in learning to count

  • the relationships between spatial perception and understanding number

  • developing number sense

  • the nature and importance of subitising

  • the relevance or the approximate number sense

  • the cultural roles of fingers in developing number

  • the nature and importance of the number line

  • the roots of dyscalculia

  • the five principles of counting can help teachers identify skills or understanding the students need to develop

  • the how students begin to understand practical calculation.

  • the importance of developing visualisation

  • the beginnings of abstract thinking

  • the beginnings of representations

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the day participants will be able to:

  • Devise approaches to teaching parts of processes of counting at appropriate levels of learning for different students e.g.

    • All students including those at sensory levels

    • Those students who are becoming numerate

    • Those students who are starting to use number and other mathematical knowledge for practical purposes

  • Organise practical activities and games that teach students about parts of counting.

  • Find apps that develop fundamental skills

  • Recognise progress in different aspects of the principles of counting

  • Set up situations that generate practical problem solving.  


What others have said about this workshop:

Your work featured heavily in informing our thought processes. Using a process central approach and significantly increasing teacher knowledge in what is early mathematical development and what is important in early mathematical and cognitive development we saw a significant increase in both student engagement and attainment.

After sharing this success through improved pedagogical practices at our state conference we received numerous requests from other schools for training.

We have subsequently delivered training to staff from 12 special schools in Southeast Queensland. Your name and your books, the 2001 one and recently the latest book are frequently bandied and waved about. We urge everyone to go out and buy a copy!

I wanted to write to you to say thank you for your work and the inspiration that you have given us.   

Sue and Bec – Teachers with curriculum responsibilities from the Australian Gold Coast

If the knowledge that you have showed us this morning had been included in my teacher training my teaching life would have been completely different.

Dave, Teacher, Bradford, Yorkshire

I love the images of the trees you have given us because they put the whole of our children’s learning into a perspective. I have filled my notebook listening today I was confused and scared before, but I feel prepared to write our maths scheme now.  

Ivana teacher, London


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When and where?

26th March 2019 - 9.00-3.30

Registration from 8.15am

COST: $200

About LES


Les was the head teacher of an outstanding UK special school and is now an author and consultant with an international reputation. His training sessions which are often described as inspirational and always contain direct examples of children working, strategies and resources for teaching. He has written books curriculum guidance and materials used nationally in schools for pupils with complex learning difficulties. His new book, ‘Very Special Maths, Developing Thinking and Maths Skills Pupils with Severe or Complex Learning Difficulties is hot off the press and was published in August 2018.  Les Staves books have been influential in special education in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand. These courses all draw on his new book Very Special Maths.

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