Attention Autism Literacy

Attention Autism Literacy



When: 12 February 2018

Where: BLENNZ Homai, 2 McVilly Road, Manurewa Auckland

Time: 9.00 - 3.30

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About the workshop:

This one-day workshop explores ways of using books and stories combined with attention autism activities as a way of targeting curriculum themes and objectives.

The workshops are run for groups of 30 people (with a maximum of 35 attendees), this is to ensure that the practical aspects of the workshop can be run in small groups making coaching and feedback effective.

Course Content

  • Story telling techniques are incorporated into the attention autism framework to promote and encourage spontaneous communication
  • Introducing direct links between book themes and supporting activities and games using the Attention Autism 4 stages
  • The practicalities of an intervention that is motivating for both adult and group and achieves curriculum objectives
  • The methodology and practice that underpins the intervention
  • Demonstration of the techniques in action
  • Using film footage, examples of strategies and content in action with children
  • Ideas for five books/story based activities that allow for lots of practice of attention skills whilst motivating literacy skill development
  • Practical hands-on-experience and coaching with activities
  • Problem solving and identifying curriculum areas that can be targeted in attention sessions.
  • Strategies for individualising the intervention


  • Understanding how to use the curriculum in your attention sessions and meet curriculum targets
  • Strategies for extending attention and listening for longer
  • Techniques and activities to make core literacy skills motivating and fun
  • How to develop an interest in a wide range of stories and books
  • Understanding of how to create meaningful opportunities to extend and use literacy and numeracy skills

Benefits to the staff team

Confident and fluent use of:

  • visually supported communication skills that support the development of literacy skills
  • adapted and modified language use to increase understanding and spontaneous expressive communication and an awareness of the roles of rhyme, rhythm and repetition in supporting literacy skills
  • the joy of using voice to build engagement
  • the role of non-verbal communication plays in increasing engagement and providing an outlet for expression
  • engagement as a fundamental technique for developing an interest in the sequence of a story, its plot and the role of characters
  • demonstration and modelling as core intervention strategies
  • delivery of activities that inspire children’s attention and motivate communication and an interest in books and stories
  • techniques and activities which target individual and learning goals/ objectives

Target Audience

Practitioners who have completed the two-day Attention Autism course and have attention autism up and running.

2 McVilly Road, Manurewa Auckland
12 February 2018