Language Delays

Language Delays


Assisting students with language delays

A practical language workshop for learning support practitioners

When: 29 June 2018

Where: Napier

Time: 9.00-3.30


When: 14 June 2018

Where: Auckland

Time: 9.00-3.30

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About the workshop:

This full day workshop will be a fun, interactive and practical approach to learning what skills and concepts are required in order for a child to develop functional language, why each of these skills are important and how these skills can be taught in the classroom setting.

Course Content

1.  Cover and discuss the three areas of language development, i.e.:

  • The Preverbal Skills of Language - Looking at people - (facial awareness); Attending, concentrating and anticipating; Looking around at things - (visual awareness); Listening to sounds- (auditory awareness); Copying actions - (imitation of actions); Copying sounds made - (imitation of sounds); Waiting and taking turns; Awareness and control of the face and mouth muscles.
  • The Building Bricks of Language - Nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, negatives, basic concept of time, cause and effect, sequencing skills, emotions, and ‘asking questions’.    
  • The Skills of Conversation - Looking politely at people and standing at an appropriate distance; Looking carefully in order to see the important things; Listening attentively and remembering what has been heard; Waiting, listening to others and recalling information given; Speaking clearly; Asking and answering conversational questions.

2. Demonstrate ways of teaching these skills within the classroom setting.

Who should attend

Practitioners working with students who have special educational needs: Teachers, teacher aides, therapists, parents, carers and family members, RTLBs and specialist teachers.

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29 June 2018


15 June 2018